He Discovered His Success After 3 Years of Failure With The OFA Challenge

I’m excited to be joined by fellow OFA Challenge alum, Steven Crissien. He is the founder of the digital marketing agency, Crissien Online, and currently transitioning to being a business facilitator.


Steven’s journey has consisted of quite a few ups and downs. He stumbled into his entrepreneurial journey not exactly sure what he was setting out to accomplish. Steven spent years jumping from strategy to strategy without any being a great fit.


The One Funnel Away Challenge and all things funnel hacking piqued his interest due to his background in cybersecurity. At that point, he had started his digital marketing agency and began to wonder how he could incorporate funnel building into his marketing game plan.


Stay tuned to find out he now helps coaches and entrepreneurs build better systems!


Key Takeaways:


       How Steve serves value through his digital marketing agency (1:57)

       What started him on his entrepreneurial path (2:30)

       Steven’s ‘Age of Discovery’ (6:16)

       The big stepped that changed everything (11:22)

       How new opportunities came from Steven stepping forward (14:13)

       His advice to other entrepreneurs (15:23)


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Full Episode Transcript

Steven Crissien 0:00
Stick with it. And eventually you’ll see the fruit come out in the end. As long as you continue, I’m not so much about I’m not that type of like the hustle. Hustle is just be around people who are like minded, who have your back and are already been there. And you’ll, you’ll eventually everyone will get there.

Steve Larsen 0:20
If you’re like us, you’ve dreamt of building your own business empire and the freedom it can bring you. But today there’s hidden traps on the path of entrepreneurship placed by Big brother and the big brands. So now we’re forced to answer hard questions like how do we grow a real company without taking on debt or giving away ownership? Or how can we get leads and buyers for our own products when there’s so much competition with deep pockets? Finally, those questions are answered and 10s of thousands of people are taking the challenge to walk the new path of entrepreneurship. Follow this podcast while I asked about their shocking journey from failure to freedom. You can join them too at one funnel away dot com. I’m your host Steve Jay Larson. You’re listening to one funnel away stories. Boom! What’s going on? I’m Steve Larson. Welcome back to the one funnel way stories show I am asking entrepreneurs kind of about their experience in how they got started. There’s a lot of things that goes on behind the scenes. It’s often time in life, we, especially in social media will sometimes show the highlight reel not on purpose. But there’s a lot of things behind entrepreneurs lives that are usually more aggressive and intense that really happen before they make it. And so that’s what the show is about. And I have the good pleasure and honor of having on an amazing friend of mine. I’ve had a chance to work with him personally for a little while here and amazing guy and I’m just I’m honored to have you on. Welcome to the show, Steven Crissien,

Steven Crissien 1:39
Steve, thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

Steve Larsen 1:41
Yeah, very excited. And just so everyone can understand more about what you do, I guess. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re currently in the business of right now.

Steven Crissien 1:49
Um, I’ve started a digital marketing agency, and I’m also on transition to be more of a business facilitator.

Steve Larsen 1:56
Always. What does that What do you mean by that?

Steven Crissien 1:57
So helping coaches entrepreneurs, build better systems and really try to take a lot of the pressure off them so that I can just let my team help them out as much as possible. Oh, cool. I’m taking notes.

Steve Larsen 2:10
That’s awesome. Super cool. So, yeah, that’s like a big part of it, because so many of us will go build something, and then not create structure to keep it alive. You know. So that’s, that’s fascinating. That’s very cool. Right? Yeah. What’s the name of your business called?

Steven Crissien 2:23
Crissien online. Cool. Awesome. Awesome.

Steve Larsen 2:26
Well, hey, how did you get started in this whole game? That’s kind of the theme of the show. I mean, were you always entrepreneurial or Did something happen?

Steven Crissien 2:32
So there’s a lot of things that happen actually the way really started as Bible studies. Like it’s weird, but so for 10 years, I was really teaching Bible and funnel passion and just educating people and getting close and starting seminars, organizing forums, workshops, so I was trying to really figure out how can I incorporate that to what I want to do on a consistent basis because the way I Started off was, um, was a system admin. I did Master’s in cybersecurity. So my whole background was really yeah. And because when I heard about, you know, funnel hacking, it was like hacker Oh, my background is in cybersecurity, like, What is all this? So when I started learning more about the funnel system, I was like, how can I use that to implement that into my marketing agency because when I first started off was mostly offering SEO, I hated it for a very long time, then I started offering Wi Fi marketing, I hated that too. So then it was just time to find my personality with cybersecurity, but not so much dealing into the cyber world, but the how the whole system if it matches perfectly with marketing itself. So that’s where I really took off of wanting to do one funnel away challenge to get me focused on where I wanted to take my business with future

Steve Larsen 3:57
as fascinating. So if you K so you went you taught Bible study for about 10 years you said how can I use this get a master’s in cybersecurity? Then he started trying SEO Marketing What? What are the things did you try?

Steven Crissien 4:09
Seo I did all then I went from Wi Fi marketing, then to Facebook advertising then also Instagram, LinkedIn, I mean, all cold calling. All it was is the list goes on and on. And it’s just like every time you hear a certain guru says this is this marketing strategy is that jump on this one. So really, I was just jumping on each one to try to figure out what was going to work for me. I

Steve Larsen 4:34
kind of called that the Age of Discovery to my friends and family when they were like, what are you doing? I’m like, I don’t know. Yeah, just trying everything. Was that around?

Steven Crissien 4:45
I don’t know what I don’t know.

Steve Larsen 4:47
Yeah. I don’t know what I want to do. Give me some give me some room to go try and play a little. So how long of a period was that? You know, of just trying stuff because that looks like a lot of stuff.

Steven Crissien 5:00
I mean, it was almost like three years is just trying to figure it all out. And then it reached a point where I was looking at my bank account later I remember the night I was moving from Rochester, New York to Washington DC and I was in the U haul truck on a rainy night. I looked I decided to look at my bank account and I saw those $200 left in my bank account total and and i really that’s it that was like my checking my savings. I had $65,000 in debt because I was paying my my rent my utilities all with credit cards. And that was like, this, this this is it. Like I was thinking about my wife. I was recently married. Also, not recently, I was still one two years, married already thinking about my whole family thing but what I wanted to do and you had a passion of really making an impact with with the Bible studies and everything I learned from there. So I wanted to transition that out, but I just didn’t know how or where to go until I thought pulling away.

Steve Larsen 6:01
Okay, so then, so what happened? So what happened in the car in the U haul? I have 200 bucks left 65 grand in debt. I mean, that’s that’s obviously that’s that’s a bit of a face slapper. Right? That’s, I mean, that’s life coming at you. It’s a little bit what did you do from there?

Steven Crissien 6:16
I’m really, really was just more like, I was trying to brainstorm because I knew I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what. So I was thinking about what direction I go Ha. And I started looking online, like really trying to see who’s done it already, like who has been where I want to be? And can I do the same thing? Can I be able to follow in their footsteps and be able to achieve what they achieved? I don’t want to be the same. I want to I don’t want be the next marketing guru. I want to be the next person that can help somebody else achieve what they want to achieve. So it was more like I How can I find it? And can I afford it? So it was just a really like you said before It was my discovery phase work. And I find the answers to the problems that I was currently facing.

Steve Larsen 7:06
So I mean, one of the things I hit pretty hard is, you know, the whole notion of this, you know, questions invite revelation, you know, so you’re, I mean, I did the same thing for a long time. It’s like, what should I do to try this? What should I do to try this? What should I do? Is there something different? He kind of started asking in that u haul phase in like, you know what I mean, like for me after a while, right? What are these guys really doing? Like, at first, I was just kind of going after everything similar. But then I was like, what are they actually doing? Because there’s something different. You don’t I mean, is there a different question you kind of started asking there? This is a big moment seems, you know, the

Steven Crissien 7:39
question a little back on I joined walking away twice. So the first time was the original group, and what caught me what the hook was, you know, the book that 30 day book, and interview all these different entrepreneurs, if they lost it, or if they have 30 days, what it will do and I was Man, that was my perfect situation. I’m stuck here with only $200. What? Let me find out what they did. And let me see if I can just follow in their footsteps.

Steve Larsen 8:09
Yeah. So then Okay, so did you read it like cover to cover consuming all like,

Steven Crissien 8:14
Oh yeah, I read every single person’s what they did, I was like, all right, I was even trying to reach out to them. I reached out to a couple people in the books, let me know more. But then it was like once once the program actually started, I was like, Oh, let me just focus on the one phone away and I was like that was going to be it and really I’ll be full full transparency because I was falling Russell and Click Funnels for a while I just loved the whole funnel hacking, you know, community the theme, but when I found out that you were going to be one of the coaches, I was like, Man, this is an awesome opportunity to learn from someone who has actually been in Click Funnels who actually did everything. So like this is even more of a reason why I just want to join to get like if I can get to Russell. I know someone who’s inside the building. who’s been there who have seen it, then I can just get all his story.

Steve Larsen 9:03
It’s nice here. Appreciate that. You know what’s interesting about this one form or the the 30 days book, and for those of you guys are listening or watching right now, and you’re not sure what that is, literally, Russell went out to 30 internet millionaires and said, Hey, if you lost it all, how would you get it back in 30 days with like, no following no resources, you literally have a clickfunnels account in that’s pretty much it. And it’s crazy, crazy potent. The strategies are really powerful. Now, I don’t know if you saw this also, I don’t know many people that read it cover to cover by the way. It’s a long book, So congrats on that. But because you did though, like this 30 different people who are in vastly different industries. What were some of the patterns you started noticing across them because they all we all kind of start saying the same thing after a while.

Steven Crissien 9:48
So one thing that I was refusing to do for a very long time, it’s publishing. I saw like one common patterns like I was trying to stay away from publishing and then so actually I’ll tell you there’s six key things that actually took away from the book. And from the one funnel away challenge. Oh, swan. So I’ll go I’ll go. I’ll riff real quick. I’m gonna

Steve Larsen 10:09
write down. This is awesome.

Steven Crissien 10:10
I mean, you already know this one. Yeah, that’s good. So when I did the first challenge, I was like the Oscar was the way. So that guy, right, everyone in Congress some kind of obstacle, and instead of me trying go the opposite way I need to confront that is the path that if it’s right in front of me just go straight through it. That was key for me then when I heard is not the How is the Who? That was a changer for me. Because now instead of thinking, how am I going to do this, how am I going to do the content? How am I going to get leads? How am I going to do all these things? I started asking a different question. Who do I know that can actually do it? Who can I find who can I invest in and that was really big for me. The third one was really the the root system of funnel hacking, finding out the hooks, the stories, the offers. Not just looking at the funnel book, looking at how other people are trying to tell their story, what kind of offer they’re giving, and learning how to package that, you know, offer sequence. And that is number four. Number five is actually publishing. Sure. So a little story about publishing, I refused to get on video.

Steve Larsen 11:21
You do a great job of it.

Steven Crissien 11:22
But this is what happened. When I saw when I started going through the program and hearing you talk about your situation will Russell and then you screaming at us telling us we would love that we have to publish. So what I was like man, every time I turn on that camera, and I saw the red button, I froze. So what I did was I went back to number to find out the who not the how to do this thing. So I literally had to invest in somebody get on like I hired somebody, just so that way it will force me to get on camera. And it was the most funniest thing because we did it through video, so I had a camera, he’s telling me how to set up the lighting. And he put me in this little corner and he’s telling me Are you gonna say this and this, and, um, he’s not even live. He’s just on a camera, Tommy, tell me how to set up. But that’s what I needed to do just to get out of my way, and just get on camera and start publishing. And by doing that, what led to me was, what happened after that, which was mind blowing. I posted a small little video content, and one of Dean grazioso his group, and because of that, he invited me to do a live training in his mastermind Facebook group. So his team reached out to me, and I was like, all right, yeah, I’ll do for sure. But if I’ve never had the mentality of actually publishing, then I would not have ever experienced that. And the last number six is a dream. 100 play. I mean, that’s how it really Those six key takeaways from the from the course itself is changed my mentality and also the way I handle business. Because now I’m constantly looking for who is the people that have my my clientele so people are looking for it’s not necessarily I need to have an email list, they have it I can just go up to them and do something together. So it’s just been amazing. So those are the six key takeaways I

Steve Larsen 13:25
got from was number five.

Steven Crissien 13:26
Number five is publishing.

Steve Larsen 13:28
Oh, sir was number four then

Steven Crissien 13:30
number four was the offer sequencing how to package everything Got it? Okay. I skipped one right there.

Steve Larsen 13:35
Cool. Offer sequencing, fantastic feedback. You know, I’ve never had anyone say hello with it, which is great. So obstacles the way confront the beast, right? Just because it’s nerve racking doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Right? Exactly. The who know how hook story offer offer sequencing publishing in the dream 100 that’s huge. That’s huge. Okay, so now that you nothing went this is not meant to be like one when we promo but like, I do want to know what has happened. Because the first one funnel way challenges if you and I do this right now was a solid year and a half ago basically, that’s a lot of time you were part of the first group what’s happened since then.

Steven Crissien 14:13
So since then I’ve been able to like one get on Dean grazioso, his facebook group. So doing that launching my own podcast, I was able to generate $27,000 in like 57 days. So then also getting opportunities to emcee masterminds, even. I never thought about doing that, but just educating and organizing all these different events. So it just opened a lot of doors for just going in different avenues of exactly what I want to do. Right really help other people make an impact. That’s huge.

Steve Larsen 14:50
That’s huge. Well, major congrats to you for all this. I mean, that’s quite the journey. You go through three years of ups and downs. You know, I’ve had some people ask me When is the one gonna work? And the thing that I have time answering that? I mean, the reason why it’s such a hard time, it took me like five years 34 business tries it took you a ton of tries over three years, you know. And I think that honestly, it’s just those people who have the longevity to just stay in it, you know, and just keep going. And what advice would you give to somebody who’s kind of in the middle of that rough spot, kind of like your three years?

Steven Crissien 15:23
I mean, don’t give up. I mean, you might, you’re going to come up in different avenues where you feel like no one was there to support you or no one’s there to really have your back. But search out for the people get into the community, follow people who are who are actually been there and you will find all the support and stick with it every single day. Just have a clear focus, and just be you know, be crazy with just doing massive action, just even if it’s imperfect, just do it, like our lives and when I first started doing videos, I didn’t even want to see I just already I posted it and I started off LinkedIn, Facebook. I didn’t want to see it at all, but it’s just stick with it. And eventually you see the fruit come out in the end. As long as you continue. I’m not so much about I’m not that type of like the hustle. Hustle is just be around people who are like minded, who have your back and are already been there. And you’ll you’ll eventually everyone will get there.

Steve Larsen 16:24
Oh, absolutely. Thanks for the advice. Thanks for taking your time here. I really, really do appreciate it, guys. And if you are just tuning into the show in this, this podcast, go ahead and make sure you subscribe, go to one funnel away stories dot com to hear other awesome stories of people of what they’ve gone through before they kind of quote unquote, made it you know, and finally, actually things started clicking. Thanks for taking the time Steven, that means a lot.

Steven Crissien 16:47
Thank you, Steven. I love your name. Take care. We’ll talk to you later later.

Steve Larsen 16:53
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